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Butterfly On A Wheel Cast

butterfly on a wheel cast

  • flutter like a butterfly

  • A fluttering and nauseated sensation felt in the stomach when one is nervous

  • A showy or frivolous person

  • An insect with two pairs of large wings that are covered with tiny scales, usually brightly colored, and typically held erect when at rest. Butterflies fly by day, have clubbed or dilated antennae, and usually feed on nectar

  • diurnal insect typically having a slender body with knobbed antennae and broad colorful wings

  • a swimming stroke in which the arms are thrown forward together out of the water while the feet kick up and down

  • Used in reference to the cycle of a specified condition or set of events

  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and forms part of a machine

  • a simple machine consisting of a circular frame with spokes (or a solid disc) that can rotate on a shaft or axle (as in vehicles or other machines)

  • steering wheel: a handwheel that is used for steering

  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and is fixed below a vehicle or other object to enable it to move easily over the ground

  • change directions as if revolving on a pivot; "They wheeled their horses around and left"

    on a
  • (O. N. A.) O.N.A. is Polish rock/Heavy Metal band, formed in 1994.

jung kerenyi solomon's knot city cross introduction

jung kerenyi solomon's knot city cross introduction

Sudan, Ancient Treasures. Edited by Derek A. Welsby and Julie R. Anderson.
(Commented on Welsby and Daniels, 1991, 172) There is a cave painting in Antiquities of Northern Tibet, Belleza, DS 786 B43 that has one of these.

262 Pilgrim flask. Ceramic, Neinarti, reg. no. 151 Medieval, late Christian. Dc. 163 mm, Th c. 131 mm' rim: Dc. 53 mm.

The author desn't expain in the caption what is meant by "pilgrim flask" and only suggests that it may have been used for liquids since the neck is so narrow. He says it's an unusual example because snakes are "usually shown being trampled underfoot as a symbol of evil." The authors say of a similar pilgrim flask dated to the Late New Kingdom, that the "shape was popular in Egypt where it was produced up to the Christian period. It says such pots were used for transporting liquids and were probably slung to a pack animal by cords tied to the loops.

"In Plutarch's biography of Romulus, the most detailed account of Roman city founding, there is mention of a circle which drawn by a plough describes the outer boundary the center of which takes the form of a mundus. 14

Ovid's Fasti, IV, 819 speaks of a fossa at the ritual center where a sacrifice was made and an altar raised on fill. 14

Other sources describe the "mundus" of Historical Rome as a building whose lower part was consecrated to the di manes, the spirits of the ancestors and the underworld. Those admitted into into it said that seen from the inside it was shaped like the vault of heaven. 14 introduction jung (A recent disovery in Rome was of a cavern under Augustus' palace on the Palatine Hill. It was said to be the cavern where Lupa suckled Romulus and Remis. It's call the Lupercale and there is a lot of information online.)

Arche, Greek for origin, The absolute arche is where one begins and the relative arche is where one becomes the continuation of one's ancestors. 13 introduction (to a Science of Mythology) jung

The mundus is at once the relative arche (origin) and the absolute arche and from it the new world of "Rome" radiated in all directions... p15 C.prolegomena of Kerenyi continues to say that the Latin term "mundus", world, may not be identical with this term which could derive from Etruscan. I think it means the word could be related to terms like mound, naos or even monad

(Other historians and sources indicate a square or rectangular perimeter and some mention a square building called a quadrata marking the center. 16ff)

"Altheim (in searching for a center point of circle, rectangle and square) reminds us that quadrata means 'divided into 4' [and a] quadrata of this kind is divided into 4 by the two main streets..." 16 line about 15 whose intersection mark the center of any of the three figures as they were divided into symmetrical quarters by them. I think at the foundation of the 4 gated city, colony or camp, the intersecting streets were, like the perimeter, ritually marked out by a plough with the first furrow, sulcus, being named "primigenius." 15 3/4 down

For the "adept of Buddhist mystery", this intersection marked the mountain of the gods, "the axis of the world egg..' whose four cornered and bejewelled body sparkled...'" 17 pro intro 1st paragraph

In India and Tibet a mystic representation of the cosmos called a mandala is represented by a circle in a square with a t-shaped appendix (fixed as a gate) on each of it's four sides (I recapitulate here the interpretation given by Heinrich Zimmler in his book Kunstform und Yoga im indischen Kultbild (Berlin, 1926) 17 Copulating deities or other anthropoid figures are often depicted at the center of this representation.

According to Zimmer, the [Buddhist] adept causes rays the color of the 4 quarters to proceed from the heads of Mahasukha (at the center if the mandala) whose form he has taken in his mind's eye." 20 1/4

The four fold division of the Roman city plan would be the result of a natural (geographic) east-west, north-south orientation. 20 3/4

The question is acute, is the origin if four fold division to be sought not, after all, in man but in the world at large? pg 20 3/4

One should take ones bearings by the meridian and for exact quartering use a special instrument, the "gruma" (the Etruscan form of the Greek gnomon). 21 This sentence is talking about surveying the east west orientation of the primagenius, I fudged this term since I think it was used with reference to the perimeter but I wanted to use it to apply to the east west road first and to the permiter roadand the norrth south road all as one furrow although I don't think there is any way to make that figure in a continuus line without retracing a line.) the road that will pass through the town or camp from the east gate to the west. the established way of doing this was first to put a stick, stake or some other straight marker plumb in the ground a

Red lights on an Oklahoma "Blue Highway" in the heart of Tornado Alley

Red lights on an Oklahoma "Blue Highway" in the heart of Tornado Alley

And the storm cell that just about had us for an appetizer a little earlier.

After getting trapped on a dead end road, this wall cloud dropped a tornado right in front of us. I was hit directly by an axillary vortex right after the first one past and I was out of the truck shooting photos. This shot is about 10-15 minutes later after we found a safe place to view from. The striations in the cloud indicate rotation in the whole cell.

This was shot on 7 Hwy in Oklahoma west of I-35 and Davis, Oklahoma.

butterfly on a wheel cast

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